Sandra Kennel

born 1980 in Munich
lives and works in Zurich.
She deals with the universe and the transient nature of our existence - with the space and time in which we live.
The purity and natural beauty of things contrast with the march of time and the inevitability of decay. Her works constantly search for the internal and external purity that can be found beneath the surface or at the core of a naturally or artificially created object.
Artificiality versus naturalness, decay versus eternity: these are her extremes.
The artist chooses the natural form of flesh as a symbol of pure life and fuses it with the purity of water. Using abstract photography,
she creates new spaces and captures them for the viewer.

2014 Hauser Gallery, Zürich
2014 Projekt Sommerdias von Bändlistrasse 86, Zürich 
2013 Affaire 46, Highly Recommended, Zürich
2013 At Home by Mia Kepenek, Zürich
2012 Art for a change, Galerie Reverse, Williamsburg, New York
2012 Swiss Photo Award, EWZ.Selection, Zürich
2011 Swiss Photo Award, EWZ.Selection, ZürichNew Text